The Dakarot Empire

The Dakarot Empire has its origin with the dwarven tribes. Centuries ago these tribes banded together under a common leadership and thus an empire was born. Today the empire is lead by Czar Fosdrol Ebonvein from his throne in Kraznok the capitol of the land.

The lands countryside is abundant with hills and lush green fields. It is common to come across quarrys and mines brimming with activity. The empire is in a golden age and thus the crime rates are at an all time low which could be contributed by a high degree of nationalism.

The empire thrives on trade and commerce with neighbouring nations and has established numerous trade agreements with its neighbours yet the relantionship with Lyria is somewhat unstable. After several failed attempts to establish tradeposts and agreements within Lyria their relantionship has taken a turn for the worse leading to open hostilities between the two nations. It has yet to come to war but Dakarot has made several sanctions against Lyria and there are those who fear that the empire will soon make a move to seize Lyria as theirs.


The Dakarot Empire

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