Sights for sore eyes

Sights for sore eyes

The humans were not the first race to occupy. Throughout the land, ruins and architecture of non-human origin suggest that other races originally inhabited the land. Both elven and dwarven architecture can be found throughout the land.
After the humans, arrival to the land thousands of years ago, much architecture have risen and fallen and much of it has been forgotten as time passed.

The Wiscary Jungle Ruins

In the year 3958 the scholar Sertrakian Antiok took an exploration party through the Western Wiscari jungles. Here he uncovered ruins of an unknown origin, but soon came under attack by tribal elves claiming the ruins as hallowed ground. Antiok escaped the wrath of the elves with few casualties. A few years later peace had been made with the elves and he returned to the ruins to start an excavation. Much knowledge was uncovered from the site but Antiok failed to uncover the ruins’ greatest secret, a gated structure with tips of gold. Antiok speculated that it could be a tomb or a mausoleum. After months of trying to get inside the structure but with no progress he and his excavation team left the ruins never to return.
After the area was excavated, the ruins were left alone to be forgotten and to slowly crumble by the passing of time. At present time, the ruins have been uncovered yet again, but few people go there for the journey there is long, tedious, and filled with dangers.

Skyshard Arena

The great Skyshard arena is a leftover from dwarven and orcish settlers that established a community on the plains of Lyria. The arena was a symbol of their communion and was used for gladiatorial battles, theater plays, athletic events and many other things. Following a disease that swept the region many dwarves and orcs alike perished. From the dwarven survivors suspicions arose, that it was in fact the orcs that had spread the disease in the first place. Suspicions spread like wildfire and in the end civil war erupted. A bloody massacre soon followed and in the end only a few hundred orcs and dwarves were left. The remainders made peace and left the area. It was later when the humans arrived that the once thriving region was rediscovered and found the lone survivor of the civil war. The Skyshard Arena. From the surroundings of the Arena the city of Skyshard slowly arose.

The Halls of Kvarts Vand

Many years ago, dwarven merchants set up an outpost in the northern mountains. With picks and muscle, they dug out the beautiful halls of “Kvarts Vand”. The word spread that the dwarves had built a place of beauty and soon people flocked to the halls. With the people prosperity followed and not many years passed before the halls were brimming with people of many different cultures. The halls of “Kvarts Vand” became a place culture and especially artists, poets and religious folk inhabited the grand spaces. The halls are still standing and now houses the academy of arts as well as the seat of the dwarven high priests.

The Elven Embassy

On the highest point in “The Pillar” lies the elven embassy. The embassy serves a diplomatic and political relation between the “Wiscary” elves and the rest of Lyria. The embassy is highly regarded as a place of beauty. From here, the elf duchess “Uwanath” tries to control the rather fickle political situation between the elves and Lyria.

Skyshard Castle

The second glory of Skyshard is its glorious castle. Build from the purest of marble, its towers gleam in the sun light and the whole of Skyshard bathes in its radiance. From here, the royal family has ruled for centuries and still does to this day. Many people travel there to witness its splendor with their own eyes and to pray to the shrines of the Saints that can be found throughout the castle grounds. Therefor the castle is a lively place.

Sights for sore eyes

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