Religion in Lyria

There is no unified religion in Lyria; rather people devote themselves to one or more saints. All over the land people pray to different saints, which makes them abundant in number. The major cities worships several different saints, but also smaller towns and hamlets have their own saints, this results in a great diversity in belief but there are a few major saints that all of Lyria recognize.
Though, magic is distrusted and feared by many people this cannot be said for the Saints, for the Saints are divine in nature and not as outlandish as magic. There are of course those who renounce the Saints but that does not necessarily mean that they are scolded by their community, some highly respected individuals openly admit to rejecting the Saints, though more often than not people who refuse the Saints will be deemed freaks, outcasts or just plain weird.

The Rose Petal Saint

The Rose Petal Saint or also known as the Red Gowned Lady is the saint of passion, love, lust, conviction and hate. She is a symbol of strong emotions and is often prayed to for a good love life and a long marriage. In contrast, some, especially warriors, devote themselves to this saint to show their dedication to a cause or some as a symbol of animosity to help them smite those who have wronged them.
The Rose Petal saint’s followers are spread all across the land of Lyria and are very common.

- A red rose/roses
- A red silhouette
- A single red rose petal

The Saint of Dark

Those in need of luck pray to the Saint of Dark in hope of gaining the saints favor. No one can tell where the Saint of Dark originally came from and what sex the saint is, but it is a shared belief that the saint travels the roads at night granting the wishes of travelers and adventures and giving them boons of luck. It is common for traders, coaches and other travelers to carry a token of the saint to bring them luck.
People of more questionable professions also worship the Saint of Dark as they believe the saint aids them in their dubious work. Some of Lyria’s worst criminals have been worshippers of the Saint of Dark.

- A coin
- A die/dice
- A gloved hand

The Druid

The druid is responsible for the change of seasons, bringing life after winter and taking life after summer. He is the saint of fertility and decay, life and death. Women pray to the Druid for increased fertility and farmers pray to the Druid for a generous harvest, but also assassins and soldiers pay their tribute to the harvester of life.

- A sickle
- A scythe
- A circle
- A single tree

Saint Branthem Kolvar

Branthem Kolvar is an ancient ancestor of Queen Amadel, who ruled Lyria many years ago. He brought peace and prosperity to the land through wisdom and force and held the throne for many years. On his deathbed, he achieved sainthood for his glorious deeds. Saint Branthem stands for power, wisdom and nobility and his worship is commonly practiced throughout the noble houses.

- A crown
- A clenched gauntlet
- A laurel

Sertrakian Antiok

Not so much a saint as a highly skilled and highly regarded scholar of house Raven. When alive Sertrakian achieved many accomplishments in the fields of science and exploration. Scholars and adventurers admire him and his achievements thought they might not worship him as such many of them try to follow him in his footsteps.

- a scale
- Maps
- A quill
- A compass

Religion in Lyria

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