The land of Lyria

The land of Lyria is old and wild. Only a handful of large cities exist but villages and hamlets are scattered throughout the country. Many parts of the land are yet to be domesticated by the humans, elves, orcs and other races that inhabit the land, so beasts run wild in the large forests and lush jungles in the West. To the South and East great arid plains dominate the landscape. In the North snowy mountains can be seen in the horizon.

Lyria is ruled by queen Amadel of house Raven. A widow queen she is ruling the kingdom with help from a council of ambassadors to each of the largest cities “Kryder” and “The Pillar”. She rules from the capitol of “Skyshard” in the middle of the Eastern plains.
To the North the city of Kryder lies at the foot of the great mountains. Kryder’s inhabitants are a sturdy but civilized folk and they have endured much hardship throughout the ages.
In the East the young but prospering city The Pillar has been built amidst the thick jungles. Most of the jungles are uncharted territory and The Pillar therefore attracts adventures, treasure hunters and merchants. It is a thriving city filled with possibilities and dangers.

Magic in Lyria is not something every man or woman posses. It is a mysterious force that only few individuals know how to manage. Therefore it is not uncommon to hear bold tales of magical beasts and fearsome mages throughout the inns of the land, though most of these tales are believe to be nothing more than childrens stories.
If a person is blessed (or cursed) with the powers of magic he or she has to ask themselves if they want to show their powers in the open. The citizens of Lyria have mixed opinions on the use of magic and a person of power is just as likely to be called a witch or outcast as to being called blessed by the gods.

To the North East lies the dwarven kingdom of “Dakarot”. The past 200 hundred years the relationship between the two kingdoms has been unstable and many times it has been speculated that war was to break out.
To the North West lies the “Bleak Lands”. It is a desolate and Inhospitable place. Beyond that lies a great wilderness inhabited by clans of orcs.
To the west lies the seemingly endless “Wiscary” jungles. Many have explores have ventured into the unknown hoping to find something on the other side, but to no avail.


The land of Lyria

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