The Houses of Lyria

There are many noble houses in Lyria but the two most prominent are House Raven and House Boar.

House Raven: House Raven was founded 489 years ago when two rival scholars set their differences aside and decided to combine their efforts towards the search of knowledge. They wedded their children thus creating House Raven. House Raven has bred many a scholar and in 598 they created Lyria’s first university, “The School of wisdom and judgement”. The headmaster of House Raven is Aran Chisten the father to queen Amadel. He is old and fragile and his mind has started to deteriorate, but he is still widely respected for his knowledge and wisdom.
House Raven is left unchallenged in the fields of knowledge and study, and because of that the house is often accused of dealing with magic, something that every member so far has denied. Because of the mystery surrounding people seem to be cautious around members of the house.

House Boar: House Boar stands for vitality and prowess and it is both the oldest and the largest house in the kingdom. Members of the house are often seen as honourable, strict and with a sense of judgment. The house leader Lillian Kadok of Mistcoil groove, sister to the now deceased king Kayn rules the house from her mansion in the north. Thousands of soldiers have fought under the banner of House Boar and many battles have been won with the boars’ power. It is said that the ancestor to House Boar was a feared warlord who after living a life of warfare chose to settle down in the north to tame the land so that his people might prosper.
After the death of king Kayn the bond between House Boar and House Raven has begun to deteriorate after rumours that Kayns assassination was an inside job by House Raven.

Other Houses:
There are a handful of other noble houses though these are small in size and only play a minor role in ruling the kingdom. There is House Badger, House Viper, House Wolf to name a few.

The Houses of Lyria

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